Analysis of Dating Site’s Scam

Online dating business is thriving, and online dating companies are raking in the moolah. There is a 45% jump in this business in last five years. But everyone is not fortunate enough to find his love of life; in fact, there is a huge user complaint list about online dating sites and their fake profiles. Many people meet impostors who cheat them by taking an enormous amount of money. It also claimed that there is 60% of profiles on are deceitful. One customer lost millions on the dating site, and The Better Business Bureau has listed online dating scam among top 10 scam list of 2011. is one of the huge sites, operating across 25 countries in more than eight languages and has millions of accounts from people who are keen on finding the love of their life. There is no doubt that it is one of the best sites for online dating, but the recent scam had sent shivers down the spine when 12 women were duped of millions of dollars. The main reason behind the scam is, does not do the background check-ups for any of its subscribers. Anyone can have a fake profile with fake name and pictures.

Every online dating site has its own way of letting people know about their relationships status, such as email, texting, post, etc., but many relationships which grow on online dating site, slowly go off-site, and people start connecting via mails, text, and phone, then there is no way can make users aware of fake profiles, and online dating sites cannot do enough to protect their users, said spokesman. As many users have commented that, you are paying for the security services, which you are never going to get and the commitment made by site owners is not kept.

Another user claims that she was using for three weeks but could not find even one suitable profile. She got requests from people in other countries, with different ethnic backgrounds, something she was not interested in. So the user had to cancel the account in the wake of requests from unsuitable people. It is better to get an free trial account using coupons from sites like to get the real world experience of how dating site works before jumping to paid membership.

So, if you are one of the users of online dating site, there are high chances that you may get trapped in this kind of scam and may lose money in hopes to get the love your life. As many experts have also said that many people are not aware of this kind of scam in the online world. Additionally, many victims of online dating site do not admit or stop people from reporting the offense due to the embarrassment. So this is one of the reasons that most users of this dating site are knowingly becoming a part of the unfortunate scam.

Users should, for this reason, exercise caution while meeting new people online and should not share confidential information. You should refrain from sharing emails and phone numbers right at the start, and if anyone asks for money, you should be aware. If you take these simple steps for your safety, you will not be affected by online scams.

eHarmony Review – Is This Dating Site Right For You?

Get matched with someone right for you. That’s the slogan of eharmony, the number one trusted relationship-minded dating site. You don’t have to look far to realize how compatible eharmony is with your wish to leave singledom behind and embrace a lifelong partnership with someone just right for you.

The seven steps listed below signify your journey on the site in search of that special someone if you decide to choose eharmony as the best dating site for you. You can read this and comparison to see how eHarmony is better in few areas.

There’s a lot of love in here: With its warm and welcoming website, eharmony is designed to make you feel right at home with your choice to date and find love. Singles from across the world throng to this dating site thereby increasing your chances of finding your right one.

Let’s warm up to each other: You + eH. Here is a relationship questionnaire to warm up and ease your heart into the entire process of dating. The questionnaire is designed to reveal more about you and what makes you tick so eharmony knows you enough to match you with that perfect someone.

Be yourself…You’re awesome: The entire journey you have signed up for is about you. This is just a reminder of how awesome you are and how helpful eharmony can be if they knew you that much better through a questionnaire that will help them find the ones who are compatible for you.

Let’s take a closer look at you: Your personality profile is ready and shows you a mirror to look into and preen. This is you and we are here for you is what eharmony assures you with this little note on how they understand you and your needs within a span of few minutes. They reiterate that the more you know about yourself, the more you will know what you want. It is simple logic really, and one that you should bank on if you really want to find someone special who will stick by you through thick and thin.

Ah! The magic: This is where they retreat into their matching labs and use their magic sauce to dig deeper into your needs and the millions of profiles and with the help of key search options, figure out the best available matches for you.

Your matches are ready: Voila! Just like that, you have a list of suitable partners lining up in your inbox. Yes, you may blink, they will still be there. Dating is hard, so eharmony works harder so you don’t have to.

You’re in good hands: Your security and safety is a prime concern for eharmony. They take your trust and privacy very seriously. Only those matches that are compatible with you can see your profile and you will have to be a member to see photos.

Get Started! Now, it’s left upto you to do your magic and find your soul mate on eharmony. They do all the groundwork for you so you can really enjoy the process of falling in love.

Five Important Tips on Choosing a Good Life Partner

As someone grows from childhood to adulthood, one of the major essentials in life is marriage. This has been one of the hardest exams that people go through. Some people may separate only after a few years of marriage. Divorce can impact negatively especially on the children who are left hanging without the option of whom among the two parties to follow. Now the big question is, “what is the major contributing factor to divorce?” According to the current research done, the major predisposing factor is poor choice of our life partners. Again this leads to another question: What makes us choose unmatching life partners? The information in this article will help you to make a good decision when it comes to our life partners.

1. Listen to what the other party tells you

People normally tend to turn when a woman or a man speak of exactly whom they are. For instance, one may tell you that they usually get upset very first or they hate men with a certain body size or height. It is true that many of you will try to undermine this and forge on your dating since you are interested in the beauty of the woman. This should not be taken lightly. People usually speak of their inner person and there is nothing much you can do to rehabilitate them to your desired goal. You will live with them but as soon as you try doing some of the things they hate, that will now be the root of the matter.

2. Go for a hike

Going for a hike with your intended partner will help you know much more about his or her inner person. For instance, you may come across a series of challenges on the way. If they are good hearted, they will tend to help you out in whichever way possible. However, those who will leave you to dwell in your problem alone are more likely to do the same in future during your marriage life.

3. Find someone you can be open to

Dating is all about opening your inner soul to your partner. This is a very important factor than the outside looks that may be faked off for the sake of impressing you. Finding someone who is open to you is a great achievement and I would advice that you cling to them.

4. Have common interests

This in an important factor if not strictly adhered to can upshot to a divorce. You should be able to know whether the other party has similar interests to yours. For example, if they don’t desire to have children but you do, how will then survive if not having troubles every time?

5. Find someone with entertaining character

If one of you is an introversive, then it is good to find someone who can make you talk out your inner feelings. Both of you possessing similar character may be drilling.