What is TREEbook?


Medallion Press presents the TREEbook™

TREEbook is one of the most revolutionary advancements in storytelling. With multiple story branches built seamlessly into the narrative, it provides readers with the possibility of a completely unique and unpredictable reading experience over and over again

Built into the code of each TREEbook™ are time triggers that are set off based on your reading habits, such as your average reading pace, which day you’re reading, or even how long you read, leading you to each successive branch within the story. With the interplay between time triggers and story branches, readers can experience various results of pivotal moments within the same TREEbook™-enhanced novel.

There are four kinds of time triggers within the TREEbook™ tech. They are:

Average Reading Pace: This tracks each reader’s average reading pace. The ARP is different for everyone. This is why reading a TREEbook™ is not about how fast you read but about how you read.

Instant Mode: This is a time element that enacts instantly. It could be triggered when the clock strikes a specific time, when a reader is enjoying the book on a specific date, when the reader turns to a specific page, or for a number of other reasons.

Real Time: This correlates with time as it happens in real life. If a character in a TREEbook™-enhanced novel has five minutes to catch a bus and this time element is embedded in that part of the story, then the reader must read at his or her average reading pace for the next five minutes in order for the character to catch the bus. If the reader doesn’t read at his or her own average reading pace for those five minutes and decides to close the book instead, the story may branch (ie. The character may miss the bus, leading to any number of different outcomes). The branch may lead to a positive or negative outcome for the character; it’s up to the author to determine which.

Random Mode: This time element will be optional and can be implemented many ways, but one example would be to allow branches to randomly activate without other time elements triggering them.

It’s not about how fast or slow you read. It’s about how you read. The TREEbook™ is a whole new reading experience. Imagine the possibilities.

When and where can I get it?

Medallion Press recently released the free MMG Sidekick app. In its debut version, it will be available exclusively on iPad and will allow users to shop Medallion’s entire library of fiction and nonfiction. In addition, the MMG Sidekick app is the very first TREEbook™-compatible reader. Download it here today to unlock a whole new reading experience whith the very first TREEbook™-enhanced novel, The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson, available now!

The experience begins here.

The very first TREEbook™-enhanced novel is The Julian Year by award-winning horror author Gregory Lamberson (The Jake Helman Files, The Frenzy Wolves Cycle). In The Julian Year, Julian Weizak, an obituary writer in New York, celebrates his birthday alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight, scores of homicides break out on the East Coast.

Julian discovers twenty thousand murders are committed that night in New York alone, with the epidemic spreading across the country and the world time zone by time zone. At midnight each day thereafter, millions of people become homicidal maniacs, contributing to the biggest killing spree in history. It looks as if the chaos can lead to only one end: the extinction of humankind.

To learn more about the TREEbook™ visit www.thetreebook.com.

For more information about Gregory Lamberson or his TREEbook™-enhanced novel, The Julian Year, visit www.thejulianyear.com.

For questions about the technology behind the TREEbook™, visit the blog of Medallion Media Group Executive Director of Technology Brian Buck, accessible from the company’s home page at www.medallionmediagroup.com.

Author Submissions

Authors interested in submitting TREEbook™ manuscripts click here.

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For media inquiries regarding the TREEbook™ or The Julian Year, contact Brigitte Shepard at Brigitte(at)medallionmediagroup.com.


Executive Director of Technology at Medallion Media Group

Follow the growth of the TREEbook™ in the new Tech Blog written by Executive Director of Technology, Brian Buck, on the Medallion Media Group homepage. Here readers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of development and implementation of the TREEbook™ technology, as well as insight on other tech-related projects coming from Medallion Media Group.


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